Ann + Eric

Prepare yourself. This is a long blog post… but we couldn’t help ourselves. It needed to be this long because this wedding was too good not to share as much as possible. Ann and I were besties in high school and so getting to shoot her wedding was a surreal feeling, it felt like no time had passed (even though high school is such a distant memory) and getting to reunite with her and be a part of such a special time was something I’ll always cherish. This wedding was also unique because it was our first Jewish wedding! We got to experience a glimpse of a different culture, witness a private ceremony, and also laugh through one of my new favorite reception experiences (you’ll know what I mean when you see it). Enjoy!! Congrats Ann and Eric, we’re big fans of you both!


okay, my vote is to have this at every wedding!! this was amazing and hilarious.

Lindsey Brown