janae & josh

Sometimes we have a hard time articulating just how blessed we feel getting to be included in the most special of days. As we stare at our computer screen, scrolling through this finished blog post, we can’t help but be amazed that people like Janae and Josh, two insanely beautiful and kind humans, would want us to be so intimately a part of their day. To see them love each other so deeply and to be loved by so many surrounding them is a true gift. We’re always reminded of what goodness is after each wedding, what true joy looks like, what it feels like to be entering a new season of life with so much excitement and hope. That’s what this wedding reminded us of. These photos bring us joy, this couple is full of it, their love is pure and evident in each photo. We couldn’t be happier for them. And that first look at Janae, Josh… you killed us with that.

Here’s Josh and Janae!

Lindsey Brown