we're the browns.

we're newlyweds living in dallas, texas where we stay caught up on movies and netflix shows. we're a team, that annoying, inseparable couple. what can we say, we just really like each other. we want to see the whole dang world so badly. we want to see it, taste it, and experience all that it has to offer (we may even give you a super sweet deal if you're booking us from far, far away). we're curious beings; lovers of light, jesus christ, deep talks, and all things authentic. matt's the guy who brings the comic relief, his wit is off the charts. and i'm the gal with a shoulder to cry on, my best and worst quality is my empathy. but that's one reason i love weddings so much, i feel the joy that's in the air all the way down to my soul. we just really love people, it's kind of our thing together. we pay attention - that's why photography works for us. 

we are lovers here to capture love.