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we love to go on adventures. traveling is such a passion of ours -- it's what makes what we do so exciting, there's always something new to experience. we've come up with a list of places that we're willing to offer a *huge* discount for because we wanna shoot there so dang bad.  

here's what we have as of now. check back tho - we'll be updating this list as time goes on! 

+ santorini, greece

+ new zealand 

+ norway 

+ arches national park 

+ mystic hot springs, utah 

+ iceland

+ big sur, california 

+ australia 

+ antelope canyon, page, arizona

+ joshua tree, california

+ zion national park  

+ banff national park  


have somewhere else in mind?

there's a billion and one places not on this list that we wanna go to. contact us, tell us what you're dreaming of, and I bet we can make something work. *fist bump*



april : chicago, fredericksburg

may : HAWAII

july : Italy, Colorado  

when we aren't on the move, you can find us in or around denton, texas