We're totally obsessed with each other.  

We've been married since May of 2016 and dang, do we freaking love it.  We're huge supporters of this marriage thing.  Our story goes something like this: we met in 2013, quickly became close friends and then boom, a year later, we were a couple. It occurred to us that we could spend our lives together and we went for it and thank God for that. Best decision ever. It didn’t take us long to start thinking of marriage.  Our love is an easy one.  Our life is just good. 

We love love love creating magic with our clients but our proudest creations would be our two tiny humans! Our oldest is Revel Hayes and he’s almost two. We thought our life was fun before we had him but we realized we were barely living until he came into our lives. He's gentle but rough and sweet and touchy and fiesty and we just think everything about him is perfect.  Well, except for his new found fit throwing. We just welcomed our newest tribe member, Harlow Bliss. She’s dainty and has the softest cry. She’s still a little baby so we’re still learning her but we’re already excited for the life we hope to give her. We love our babies so much and we’re thankful we have a job that gives us so much time with them.

  Anyways, we spend our days binge-watching netflix (like lock ourselves in a room and watch a whole season in one sitting), we dream of far away places and go there from time to time, and we spend a whole lot of time laughing.  We want a full life - to see the whole dang world.  To see it, taste it, and experience all that it has to offer.  We're curious beings; lovers of light, the Lord, deep talks, and all things authentic. 

We love people, it's kind of our thing together.  We pay attention - that's why photography works for us. 

We're lovers here to capture love.

Though we're married and a photography duo, we're also individuals.  If you're interested in knowing a little more about each of us, keep on reading.  We'll take you a little deeper. 


Matt is alllllll about rap. He studies it. Like so hard. Ask him about anyone in the hip-hop world - he'll probably know their life story. More than anything, he's freaking funny. Everyone loves him and that's something that's really special to me. He can make anyone laugh and he has the quickest wit. He's also incredibly smart. I personally think he's the smartest person I know, though he'd deny it. He's so sweet. He's thoughtful and patient. He notices people and sees people for who they really are. He's cute and has dimples and good hair and pretty blue eyes. He's a really special guy and I'm thankful to know him, let alone be loved by him. I know that the Lord loves me because He gave me Matt. I needed Matt, not like I couldn't live without him, but he gives me joy and life like no other. 


Lindsey is that perfect combination of cool and funny and sweet. She knows what she likes and has an eye for what looks good, she’s one of the few girls that’s ever been able to make me laugh with her and not at her (I know, I’m rude), she’s incredibly thoughtful and patient; she’s just the whole package. She’s been gifted with this crazy ability to match people’s energy, so if you’re sad then she’ll mope with you and if you’re on top of the world then she’ll celebrate with you and everything in between. She loves reality TV, Chick-fil-A, interior design, and watching stupid YouTube videos of people falling down with me. She’s gorgeous, she’s strong-willed, she’s creative, and best of all she’s mine. I love working with her and I love loving other people with her. The Lord let me change her last name in May of 2016 and we’ve been living the best life I could’ve imagined ever since.


we think what we do is so important,

we've dedicated our lives to be A part of yours.